Must Keep these things in mind if you're wearing a suit in a hurry.

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Must Keep these things in mind if you're wearing a suit and in a hurry

Groundlaying of The suit


We know the gentleman is in a hustle, you got a suit, you will be wearing it today. No time for any guff. Let's get started.

The Outermost and important layer:

The Blazer


Well, you are a decent corporate man and wear business suits more often, usually the blazer is two-buttoned or three buttoned. If you're wearing a two-buttoned blazer or a coat, only the middle button should be closed. For people with extra pounds or i may say abundantly healthy(don't sue me for this), closing ONLY the middle would be an advantage as it would array the fitting of the suit. whereas if you're wearing a 3-buttoned blazer or a coat, the middle one should be closed, never close the bottom button as it would cause you discomfort while sitting and also as it is a rule of buttons(just kidding duh!) that bottom one should be open, ALWAYS! The top button being optional.
And yes, a very important etiquette for people who don't know, that always unbutton the blazer, jacket or coat before sitting, and keep them closed while standing.
Kindly DO NOT forget to remove lables, we know that you've spent a lot of bucks on that suit and luxurious brand, but please you are a sophisticated gentleman, you dont need to show-off!


Now, this is upto you if you want to wear a tie or not, but as I'm here to help you out, i will tell you tips on both whether wearing a tie or not.
So, here you go handsome man, you may want to or i would suggest to unbutton the top two buttons of your shirt but keep a check that if you're also wearing an undershirt, it shouldn't be visible at all.
When wearing a tie, a gentleman must always button all the buttons including collar button.
And now if we talk about the knot, make sure it is not sloppy as it would destroy the outlook and complete attire. It should be nice and snug.

The tie Length


This is a very important aspect which few or most of you might not know that the Tip of your tie must be touching the buckle of your belt, that's the perfect length of the tie.
Before we go down and below an important color contrast factor: The color of your tie must be darker than color of your shirt you wearing.

The Classy Combo: Shoes and belt


Gentlemen, believe it or not, may it be a hot office colleague or a formal gathering, the first thing a woman will notice is your dressing sense, which includes The Classy Combo of shoes, belt and your watch, and also which brings us to very important principle of wearing a suit.
Your shoes, belt and watch MUST ALWAYS match in color and TEXTURE. So, make sure you got The Classy Combo with you.
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The Socks

Being a gentleman means having a class. I know girls and women like swag which includes those ankle length socks and fancy stuff, but just trust me all that swag would just fade away in front of your if you are carrying yourself well enough, what i mean here is the length of your socks should be high enough to hide your manly hairy legs, also make sure the color of your socks matches the color of your suit.
Thanks for reading, kindly subscribe to my blog and like us on facebook and follow on instagram for amazing grooming tips and unprecedented fashion trends, i know you're in a hurry my hustler, lemme quickly summarize what all you need to do when you're in a hurry:
-Close the middle button
-Nice tie knot
-length of the tie
-take care of the color and contrast of your suit
-Socks! i hope you know now what to wear